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Steve Anzalone

Anzalone Advisors, LLC

I am a management consultant who operates on the principle that culture is everything. My passion is seeking out the intersection of employee engagement and operational excellence in the manufacturing, commercial printing and graphic arts space. While there are many fine consultants who can crunch numbers and map out workflows, it is my belief that unless you examine the culture of a company it will be difficult to create the change necessary to produce high performance results. With a BS in Printing Management and more than 33 years of experience in the commercial printing business, I’ve seen dramatic change in our industry, with much of that change challenging even the most well run companies. My goal is to become a trusted advisor to help your company grow and achieve the next level of success.


What i do


My business is centered on three primary types of engagements:

Audit/Project Assignments.

These are usually one-time projects where you seek an objective assessment of your human resources, operation or business practices and then recommendations for improvement or implementation of new processes. Examples would be development of employee surveys, workflow assessments, calculation of Budgeted Hourly Rates (BHR’s) or production standards, equipment selection and justification, or post-merger integration support, to name a few.

Interim Executive.

It is not uncommon for a company to desire to add an executive, but find it difficult to justify a six-figure salary to do so. On a temporary, or even longer-term basis, I can fill a remote President or COO role and work with your team to streamline processes, improve results, develop talent, or hire someone to fill the role permanently.

Trusted Advisor.

The holy grail of consulting relationships, in this retainer-based role I will act as your right hand advisor and confidant and provide the sounding board and second option that many find so valuable. Tailored to fit your needs, this role is normally a combination of on-site visits, weekly conference call meetings, and weekly / monthly performance analysis. As an owner or executive it can be “lonely at the top” – but it doesn’t have to be.


how i got here


    In addition to the duties of the COO role described below, as President I engaged the Indianapolis business community to promote HardingPoorman Group and took on a broader role in managing the financial and business operations of company.

      As the market leader in commercial printing in Indianapolis, HardingPoorman Group served numerous Fortune 500 clients in the pharmaceutical, medical device, financial services, and professional sports markets. I lead the operations team in sheetfed UV printing, digital printing, mailing, fulfillment and wide format production while building a state of the art facility. Oversaw ISO and quality assurance activities to support the regulated products of our bio-science and financial services customers.

        Founded Full Court Press as a spinoff of The Printing Company to create an early digital printing company in the Indianapolis market and a leader in print on demand production. In 2005 we merged with HardingPoorman Group to help fuel their dramatic growth in digital print, direct mail and fulfillment.

          Led the manufacturing activities of this award-winning sheetfed commercial printer and leader in desktop publishing and electronic prepress.

            Oversaw the manufacturing operation at this family-owned and highly respected commercial printing firm in the Tampa Bay market.

              Some Facts

              Years of industry experience
              Mergers & acquisitions survived
              Goal - To help your company get to the next level

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